DCF Overview

Job Strong Program

The DCF Job Strong program provides trauma, literacy and health informed job training and placement for the long-term unemployed in small businesses. We reduce poverty by placing DCF trained individuals in temporary jobs that lead to sustainable full-time positions paying a living wage.  

School To Work Day

Tragically, many young people lack exposure to career opportunities. DCF School To Work Day provides opportunities for students to visit companies and gain exposure to careers they otherwise might never know about. It was created in 1994 by Dr. Dale Caldwell and has taken place in 11 countries and 80 US cities.

The Class Game

We believe that the only way to end poverty is through changing the mindsets of leaders. Most people who are suffering under the weight of poverty are there because of where they were born or unfortunate things that have happened to them. We created the DCF Class Game Simulation to help leaders understand first-hand how random poverty is and how important it is to eliminate it.

Asbury Park Community Beach Project!


Unfortunately, 35 % of Asbury Park residents live below the poverty level and cannot afford to go to the beach. There are many children, teens & families who cannot afford the hefty fees to swim and play on the beach during the day. A large number of impoverished kids and families go to the beach in the evening when there are no lifeguards. Tragically, this is when the majority of drownings take place. Program founder Lisa Cramp and the Dale Caldwell Foundation (DCF) are working with both the Boys & Girls Club in Asbury Park & Trinity Church to allow our entire community to have access to the beach. 

The funds donated will enable us to buy seasonal beach badges. We will provide a receipt for each donation & beach badge purchased. The badges bought will be distributed to the Boys & Girls Club & Trinity Church who will give these beach badges to families who live below the poverty level and cannot afford to visit the beach. DCF plans to work with these families to help them find jobs earning a living wage. 

We are pleased to report that the amazing community of Asbury Park has already shown their generosity and support for this program. To date we have raised more than $25,000 for this wonderful program. However, we still need your help to enable families to spend the day at the beach together and teens to have supervised, outdoor, healthy fun.

Thank you for your kindness, generosity and love!

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