our approach to ending Poverty

Program Videos

Young Men Employment Network Conference (YMEN)

In partnership with Rutgers University, we developed the annual Young Men Employment Network Conference (YMEN) at the Paul Robeson Center on the Rutgers Newark Campus. This program successfully introduced 400 to 600 young men each year to career opportunities they otherwise would not know about. The video below provides an overview of the YMEN program.

YMEN Video

UTSD Mindfulness Program

Tragically, too many people who live in economically challenged communities experience intense stress or trauma that impairs their ability to focus and prevents them from effectively managing their emotions. Research suggests that 15 minutes of mindfulness (a mental exercise where individuals track their breathing to remain present in the moment) a day enhances their ability to manage their emotions and focus. One of the unique aspects of DCF programs is that we use mindfulness to help people manage their stress and trauma. This innovative component of our programs helps people dealing with trauma and poverty succeed at work. The video below introduces the concept of UTSD. 

UTSD Video

Intelligent Influence and Poverty

Dr. Caldwell's research for his popular book Intelligent Influence indicates that "people do what they do, think the way they think and accomplish what they accomplish because of influence." He discovered that the only reality is the one that people are influenced to believe is real. The Influence model suggests that DCF can achieve its mission by influencing leaders to make the elimination of poverty their number one priority. The video below introduces the Intelligent Influence framework.    

Intelligent Influence Overview